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In January of 2015, the congregants of Center for Spiritual Living Colorado Springs (CSLCS) gathered various items and several backpacks for Urban Peak’s program to furnish these items to homeless teens on the streets of Colorado Springs.



In July of 2015, Andrea Thomson at Urban Peak, sent us this update:

Last week I asked our Outreach team on where we are with items – this is their response:

  • Snacks – we are just now at a point where they are almost all used up (considering the donations came in early Feb, this is awesome!)
  • Socks – we are still well stocked (and socked) – especially important not only in winter, but during spring and summer rains
  • Blankets – we still have some they donated left – most gone
  • Towels – a couple left, most given out

 From an outreach standpoint, the drive YOU did was beyond amazing and has filled so many needs (and warmed toes).

 Thank you for the whole CSLCS community – here are some stats for you:

 Urban Peak street outreach team worked with 445 individual young people in the past 12 months. Of those 445 young people – we helped 105 get into shelter or long-term housing. Here’s how we synthesize the numbers:

  • 36 youth got into stable housing – either Urban Peak’s apartment program, another program in our community, or safely reunified with family. So, Urban Peak’s team helped 1 in 10 youth to get off the street all together.
  • 69 youth were helped into our shelter program or another shelter program. That’s a big step on the journey out of homelessness — about half of the youth who enter our shelter exit to safe and stable housing.
  • 340 of the youth we worked with on street outreach know that someone cares, will not pass judgment, and will be there for them if they want to get off the street.
Find Urban Peak Colorado Springs on Facebook.

Find Urban Peak Colorado Springs on Facebook.