Youth & Family Ministry

Our Mission is to create a safe, accepting, and sacred place to empower and enrich youth and families.


Oneness within our Youth & Family Ministry

Youth & Family Ministry is open for nursery through high school (12th grade/Senior) every Sunday during service. Please come upstairs with your child to sign in and receive parent information.

What We Teach our Children

  • We teach our children that God is Life – the Life within each of them and in all Creation – that all people are children of the One God, regardless of race, color, or creed and therefore all are brothers and sisters.
  • We teach that God is good, all good, and we are all created in the image of God and therefore all good.
  • We teach that God is Love, that we love God because God loves us. We obey God’s laws through Love not fear.
  • We teach that sin is a mistake, and when we make mistakes we experience the consequences of them not punishment by God.
  • We teach that God is Spirit and is present everywhere; that this Spirit is within us and speaks to us through our minds and hearts as we listen.
  • We teach that there are Spiritual Laws that must be obeyed just as we obey man-made laws.
  • We teach that religion is a way of life to be lived everyday.
  • We teach the Religious Science is a philosophy that can be lived at home, at school, and at play. That since God is within us – heaven is also within us – that as we live our lives in harmony with God’s Laws we live in heaven NOW.
  • We teach that in God’s Love we are already whole and perfect.
  • We teach that God is: Truth, Beauty, Peace, and Harmony, that as we recognize our Unity with God our lives are filled with Health, Happiness and Success.
  • We teach that nothing is too wonderful to happen, nothing is too good to be true, and everything is possible with God.

CSL Teen MinistryClick here to download and print the Teen Event Registration form!


Our Senior Minister, Rev. Norm Bouchard

We have a wonderful Teen Group that goes to Regional Winter Camp.  Here is a video of our 2014 camp experience:

Teens are invited to join the closed facebook group, please click the Join Group link to enter the realm of the Teen Ministry.


Teen Winter Camp 2014


CSLCS Teens at Winter Camp 2014



Breakfast at Winter Camp 2014

Please fill out the registration forms in the New Parent Packet at the Sign in Table. This information is used to support the youth and to contact you. Questions? – please contact Dawn Gruenzner, Director of Youth & Family Ministry at

Dawn Gruenzner
Youth & Family Ministry Director

Opportunities for Serving

Interested in becoming a part of this uplifting and amazing ministry?   Click here for current opportunities.

Rules for Fun at CSL

  • I will treat you with respect, so you will know how to treat me.
  • Feel free to do anything that doesn’t cause a problem for anyone else.
  • If you cause a problem, I will ask you to solve it.
  • If you can’t solve the problem, or choose not to, I will do something.
  • What I do, will depend on the special person, and the special situation.
  • If you feel something is unfair, whisper to me, “I’m not sure that’s fair,” and we will talk.

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