Quiet the mind, deepen into the heart, and embrace the vibration of peace and healing.

With Rev. Norm Bouchard and Rev. Zemirah Jazwierska

RN: How does sound and vibration affect us in the process of healing?

RZ: Sound works at the level of vibration. As we know, vibration moves through everything. Everything is vibration. Vibration is the seed of the Universe. And … you don’t have to actually know the patterns or issues you are trying to release when you immerse yourself in sound and in using the vibration of sound for healing.

RN: When you come at things, particularly now when there’s a lot of fear on the planet, a lot of worry – an energetic pattern and frequency of ‘things will never be the same’, some people think it’s doom and gloom. So when we are in a vibration at a low frequency, how do we get it to a higher frequency?

RZ: We simply immerse ourselves in higher frequency sounds. One way I do that as a spiritual practice is with the Singing Bowls. We are all our own personal healers, we all have the vibration of sound. Our best instrument, our most powerful instrument of healing is our very own voice. So when we immerse ourselves and use sound in the form of our own voice, we have the power to lift our vibrations because sound is a harmonizer, it brings us back to that equilibrium – the essence of who we are. At our very essence, as we know in our teachings, we are wholeness and love.

RN: So what happens to our body when we get into a higher frequency?

RZ: Sound has the capacity to actually formulate the molecular structure within us. So each one of us, our tissues, our organs, our physical body has a regiment. When we bring sound into our bodies and are surrounded by it, the sound takes care of the rest. It takes care of and removes any blockages naturally. This is how we can heal ourselves. The beauty within is a power of harmony and equilibrium. Simply surrender and allow the sound to flow and let Spirit do the work.

RN: Absolutely! The way to do this is so interesting to me, this is not my first experience with sound. What I know is that we really don’t have to do a lot of work, you just have to “let go”. So when you let go and allow the higher frequency, things begin to move and shift, do they not?

RZ: Yes, just surrender and listen and allow the sound to flow.

RN: So give us an example of the sound of the singing bowl.

RZ: This particular bowl represents the heart chakra, so it’s working with the sound of love and the principle of love. You just have to let go and let the sound immerse you.

RN: What I just noticed is the peacefulness that just happened – immediately. I also noticed a shift in the energy among the people in the room. Tell us more about that.

RZ: These bowls vibrate at a frequency that brings our brains into a more equal brain wave pattern. It’s just the sound itself that does all of the work. We are all one, and because of that, it is harmonizing all of our vibrations and minds as one.

RN: We cannot heal if we don’t let go, correct? So this vehicle is going to give us the opportunity during this current crises to heal ourselves. Tell us what you are going to do during this healing meditation and what it is going to do for us.

RZ: It is in two parts. The first part is working with intention and to experience the sound – frequency plus intention equals healing. Part of the workshop will be working with affirmations that go with the sound of the bowls. I’m going to introduce them so we learn to open our minds and become present and prepare ourselves to release. You were speaking about the panic and the judgement we are in now and part of that is developing the capacity to deepen our compassion for each other. We become deep listeners, open to the nuances of the sound, surrender, let go and allow the energy to flow.

RN: So what is your personal experience with this?

RZ: The first time I experienced this it was very powerful – as if every cell in my body was a broadcasting station. I thought, “What is that medicine?” I had to find out on a deeper level. One of the things I noticed when I play the bowls is that it heals all of us and harmonizes all of us as one. The experience is such that you don’t have to know what is going on inside, you just have to let go and let the sound take care of it.

RN: Thank you for being with us today!

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