Metaphysical Bible

Certificated Course

Have you ever wondered how to interpret this sacred text and use its powerful stories in your spiritual life?

This course will teach you the hidden truths in the Bible. So often the Bible is misinterpreted or used fundamentally. This course will examine the bible’s historical context, its deeper meaning and how metaphysics plays a vital role in the Bible. You will walk away from this course with a deeper knowledge and powerful spiritual tools to use in your spiritual life.

Facilitated by Senior Minister, Rev. Norm Bouchard

This 6 week course is available in our Pre-Recorded Classroom to take at your own pace.

Investment: $220

Required Text: “The New American Bible” – available in our Beyond Books bookstore or call 719-596-6894

 “Beyond Limits” , is a pre-requisite in order to receive a Certificate for this course. 

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