Embracing spiritual philosophy in a modern world.

Center for Spiritual Living is based on the truth that arises in every culture — in the form of science, philosophy, and religion. We view religion as a source of wisdom for revealing the truth about the seemingly unknown forces that shape our universe. We participate as co-creators with the Divine. Our centers were founded by Dr. Ernest Holmes, a self-taught philosopher who rigorously studied the world’s spiritual paths for most of his life. In 1927, he wrote The Science of Mind, which synthesized the common truths he found in those spiritual paths. That book is the foundation of our teachings. We are committed to expanding the awareness that we are all One.

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Rev. Dr. Penny Macek, Interim Minister

Reverend Dr. Penny Macek has been involved with Religious Science since 1992 and her career as a minister began in 1999. She has served as an assistant minister, senior minister, and interim minister in communities like San Juan Capistrano CA, Lake Tahoe CA, and Phoenix AZ. She currently serves the Christ Church of Co-Creation in Caroga Lake, NY. In addition, she has served the international organization in several capacities including: as a lay member of the board of Directors, chair of the Golden Works committee, chair of the Co-Creation Facilitation team, and as a Regional Support Coordinator. She is described by many as a principle-centered being and a very powerful practitioner. She is known for creating, holding, and facilitating the space in which deep healing takes place. In clear, loving, compassionate and practical ways, she illustrates the principles of this Science of Mind. In January of 2017, Centers of Spiritual Living awarded her an Honorary Doctorate.

Meet Your Spiritual Leaders

Our Leadership Council here at CSLCS is responsible for upholding and carrying out the mission and purpose and articulating the vision and goals to the congregants it serves. They create Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG) and three-to-five year goals–providing support and ensuring effective planning, ethical integrity, and financial security. Our Leaders make decisions for our community with selflessness, integrity, objectivity, honesty, and accountability–living out Science of Mind Principles.

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Meet Your Practitioners

Practitioners at Center for Spiritual Living, Colorado Springs provide spiritual support through prayer, meditation, visioning, and spiritual counseling. They honor diversity through loving kindness and strive to know, reveal, and live the perfection of the Divine. Visit our Contact tab to connect with a practitioner today!

Lyn Iannazzo

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