Ministries for Every Spiritual Path

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Expand your spiritual horizons by joining a community of like-minded individuals

Center for Spiritual Living, Colorado Springs promotes oneness through community with other spiritual learners. You don’t have to walk your path alone! We have many ministry opportunities available so you can connect with those who are most like you. Try knitting a Prayer Shawl, join the Music Ministry, or even volunteer in our Center. We also have incredible classes for singles, family, and even youth! Everyone has a place here at CSLCS.

Sunday Service Ministries

Have an eye for production or a voice like an angel?

Discover the teams who bring Sunday Service to life. Have a skill and want to put it to use in your community? Help us spread our message each week by joining our incredible greeters, announcers, videography team, or even join the band! Contact us today to discover ways to put your spiritual talents to use.




Our Music Ministry boasts some of the finest musicians in Colorado Springs, a city loaded with outstanding professional and amateur artists. Have a passion for music? Contact us today to find out how you can become a part of the team!



Help us spread our message by joining our Production Team! Have media technology experience? Love getting behind the scenes? We have videographer, editor, sound board, and graphics team positions available! Contact us now to find out how you can get involved!



Volunteer as an usher or greeter on Sunday mornings and welcome new and old congregants as they arrive. Visit our Volunteer Programs to find out how you can be a part of our Sunday Service!



Are you a member wanting to get more involved? Join us on stage every Sunday and help us bring our weekly announcements to life!

Ministries for Singles and Families Alike

Looking for a group to connect with? Start here!

Center for Spiritual Living, Colorado Springs, is inclusive of all faiths and all walks of life. We welcome people of all shapes and sizes, from children to teens and adults. Find a program that’s right for you today!




We welcome families of all sizes and shapes in our Family Ministry. Discover how you can get involved with our family and youth events today!



We welcome youth from nursery age--6 weeks--up to 5th Grade and the volunteers who guide our children to greatness!



Gather in the spirit of connection, fun, and creativity. Fellowship with like-minded women, share your spiritual journey, and get connected with your community on a deeper level.



Gather to learn, grow, and spiritually serve the community. Connect with like-minded men to learn the importance of supporting each other.

Have A Volunteering Heart?

To be of service is the greatest gift!

Our community wouldn’t run without volunteers from every walk of life. Bring your wisdom, your gifts, your support, and your love to hearts in desperate need.




Need a little loving support? Our Hospitality Team can provide care, connection, and services for those in need. Visit us in the Celebration Hall after service!



Our Care Ministry is dedicated to compassionate care with a loving heart, bringing spiritual, emotional, and physical support to those in need.



Our Care Ministry can help you through your most difficult times; let our Memorial Team support you in remembering your loved ones. Get connected with your spiritual community today!



Calling all knitters and crochetiers! We donate Prayer Shawls to anyone going through challenges in their life. All skill levels welcome! Fellowship with like-minded individuals and become a part of the community today. Contact us for more info on how to join!

Opportunities At Your Center

Volunteer in our office, discover how to become a practitioner, and more!

At CSLCS, there are volunteer opportunities for every unique talent. Whether you’re interested in volunteering for occasional projects or weekly events, we need you! Check out some of our service teams below and fill out your Sacred Service Application to get started.




A Licensed Spiritual Practitioner is trained in Science of Mind and in the art, science, and skill of Spiritual Mind Treatment--also known as Affirmative Prayer. Licensed Spiritual Practitioners are dedicated to the cause of helping others and sacred service. Click here to find out more on becoming a practitioner!



Have a heart for passing on spiritual guidance? Work our bookstore and help prepare others for spiritual learning! We sell required books for courses, Science of Mind merchandise, and even coffee! Fill out your Sacred Service Application to volunteer!



Our office is open Tuesday - Thursday every week, and we need volunteers like you! Put your spiritual gifts to use in your local center! Fill out a Sacred Service Application today!



Help CSLCS stay Green! Our Green Team helps us reduce our carbon footprint and make eco-friendly choices for the future of our world! Apply today to volunteer with our Green Team and keep us on the path of reducing, reusing, and recycling!



Keep Center for Spiritual Living looking tidy on our Grounds Committee. We need passionate volunteers to maintain the grounds and create a beautiful space for fellowship. Fill out your Sacred Service Application to get involved.



Volunteer with our Special Events team to help plan, prepare, set up, photograph, and break down special events! Have a talent for organization? We need you!



We strive to bring community service into the hands of our members; click here to visit our volunteer page and find the right opportunity for you!



Volunteer for our Abundance Team and support the coordination of Sunday offering each week!

Fill out your Sacred Service Application Here