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Center for Spiritual Living, Colorado Springs is an ever-expanding global force promoting oneness and awakening people to the Divine Power within.

Sunday Services

Join Us Every Sunday at 9:30 am for a Spiritual Uplift

We invite all spiritual seekers to our Sunday service. These informal services are uplifting, impactful, and inspirational; we strive to deliver a message that is powerful, relevant to modern life, and applicable to your daily routine. The Music Team, guest artists, and professional musicians provide live music. We welcome adults and children alike, as children can take part in our Youth & Family Ministry.

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Looking For A New Spiritual Practice?

Spiritual Practices to Rejuvenate Your Life

Center for Spiritual Living, Colorado Springs changes lives and empowers people through simple practices.

For Individuals

Your Path. Your Success.

Many individuals have shifted their spiritual practice from a fearful God to a God who lives within—a loving God who has given us all we need to succeed in life.

For Families

Pray Together, Stay Together.

We have something for everyone. Our Youth & Family Ministry is focused on helping families experience spiritual growth together.

For Businesses

Where Business Meets Spirituality

What if you could take your business to the next level via spiritual principles? Our business workshops are designed to help you realize your vision.

About Us

Your 21st Century Community for Spiritual Growth

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to experience God without fear, sin, hell, or damnation? What if you are already perfect—whole and complete? The principles we teach acknowledge this perfection and encourage further growth. We invite you to get to know us and take your first breath of Spiritual Freedom.

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Courses & Workshops

Take Your Life to the Next Level

Whether you are looking to improve your personal life, your career or your relationships, we offer a variety of courses and workshops in which you can learn the skills and techniques you need to live the life you are seeking.

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