A Spiritual Philosophy

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Co-Creating The World

Embracing spiritual philosophy in a modern world.

Center for Spiritual Living is based on the truth that arises in every culture — in the form of science, philosophy, and religion. We view religion as a source of wisdom for revealing the truth about the seemingly unknown forces that shape our universe. We participate as co-creators with the Divine.

Our centers were founded by Dr. Ernest Holmes, a self-taught philosopher who rigorously studied the world’s spiritual paths for most of his life. In 1927, he wrote The Science of Mind, which synthesized the common truths he found in those spiritual paths. That book is the foundation of our teachings. We are committed to expanding the awareness that we are all One.

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at 9:30 a.m.

These uplifting services are an expression of our community; sharing affirmative prayer and life-changing talks as we walk this spiritual path together.

Rev. Norm Bouchard, Senior Minister


Reverend Norm Bouchard is a lifestyle humorist with a BA in Philosophy, a Master of Divinity, a Pastoral Care Degree, and he is a Certified Senior Advisor. His messages challenge his listeners to step into their greatness.
Reverend Norm has worked with Fortune 500 companies, as well as various organizations, non-profits, and groups. He is the author of 29 Questions for the Ordinary Life: Revealing the Profound Amidst the Ordinary.
Reverend Norm Bouchard is an ordained minister with Centers for Spiritual Living, headquartered in Golden, Colorado, and he serves as Senior Minister for Center for Spiritual Living, Colorado Springs.


Meet Your Leadership Team


Wes Walters


Wes is a retired software engineer who has been attending the Center for 20 years. Wes has been married for 19 years and is father of three children. Wes has volunteered for leadership to help continue the growth of Religious Science in Colorado Springs.

Dr. Regina Lewis

Vice President

Dr. Regina is professor of communications at Pikes Peak Community College. She is also the founder and CEO of Regina Speaking, LLC where she does keynotes, executive training & coaching on Leadership, Cultural Excellence, and Public Speaking.

Kathy Neal


Kathy is a Colorado Springs native who loves adventure in the outdoors, traveling and helping others. She has chosen to serve on the Center’s leadership council because she believes in the principles we teach about inclusivity, and that we are all one.

Jan Pollard


Debi Bauer

Member At Large

After retiring from her consulting business, Debi's passion was continuing to help and serve other businesses and business people. She decided to use all her skills honed in the corporate world and her own consulting business to offer virtual executive assistance. Debi has served on many Boards of non-profits and is happy to be on the Leadership Council of CSLCS.


Our CSLCS Practitioners


Andrea Swett


Carolyn Hull


Connie Martin


Deborah Ireland-Young


Jeanette Keter


Joe Witherow


Lyn Iannazzo


Michael Keter



Visiting Us At CSLCS? Meet Our Office Staff


Trudy Wells


Laura Allen

Administrative Assistant

Gabrielle Looney

Media Production/Marketing

Gabrielle is our resident production lead--bringing her skills from sports broadcasting and documentary filmmaking to enhance our production. She manages our website, our marketing and design, and doubles as a camera operator and editor for Sunday services and classes! Stop by the sound booth and say hello on Sunday mornings!

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Meet Your Spiritual Leaders


Rev. Roger Butts

Guest Speaker

Rev. Roger Butts is a compelling storyteller, author, poet, Chaplain, and ordained Unitarian Universalist minister. He regularly contributes to "Contemplative Light: The Chaplain's Corner" and is the author of "Seeds of Devotion."

Dr. Regina Lewis

Guest Speaker

Dr. Regina is professor of communications at Pikes Peak Community College. She is also the founder and CEO of Regina Speaking, LLC where she does keynotes, executive training & coaching on Leadership, Cultural Excellence, and Public Speaking.

Dr. Linda Backman

Guest Speaker

Linda Backman is an expert regression therapist & licensed psychologist with 44 years of private practice experience. Dr. Backman’s work, includes guiding soul regressions, speaking and writing as well as training others in soul regression hypnotherapy both in the US and abroad.

Dr. Jon Followill

Guest Speaker

Dr. Jon Followill is a chiropractor in Colorado Springs. He speaks on the quantum field and the metaphysics behind it in our Quantum Physics classes: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and ABC's of Quantum Physics.

Rev. Jackie Harris

Guest Speaker

Rev. Jackie Harris is an assistant minister at Mile-Hi Church in Lakewood, Colorado. She often joins us as a guest speaker and is in charge of the Volunteer Program at Mile-Hi.

Bridget McCann Min.

Guest Speaker

Bridget McCann is a practitioner in her third (and final) year of ministerial studies. She is currently works with immigrants at the intersection of family law and immigration law, and looks forward to continuing her work with immigrants and refugees as she moves into ministry.

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