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Certificated Courses

Expand Your Knowledge of What We Believe

Our certificated courses teach you the basic principles we embrace here at Center for Spiritual Living Colorado Springs. Dive in to Beyond Limits, our prerequisite for every certificated class, and start your journey into New Thought and The Science of Mind. Earn your certificates as you climb your way to Practitioner.

Prerequisite for all certified classes. Gain powerful and practical tools for everyday miracles using the Science of Mind Principles!
Our founder Ernest Holmes states, "We shall understand the Bible only when we approach it as a whole and discover the thread of unified teachings running its different text." Learn the hidden truths in the Bible, its historical context, its deeper meaning, and how metaphysics plays a vital role.
Study the great spiritual leaders in New Thought and gain an understanding of Ernest Holmes' philosophy and its historical roots in America!
Based on The Edinburgh Lectures by Thomas Troward. Explore the ways that mental action influences material conditions, explains the reciprocal action of the universe, and much more.
Based on The Essential Ernest Holmes, a collection by Jesse Jennings. Feast on the quiet devotional writings and impassioned chalk-in-hand teachings of Ernest Holmes.
Based on Can We Talk to God? by Ernest Holmes. Learn how to pray effectively and become aware of how you may be limiting yourself in prayer.

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