Be The Change You Want to See In the World

We Strive to Give Back to Our Community

How We Give Back to Colorado Springs and Beyond

10% of the donations received on Sundays flows directly back into your community. Organizations like Citizens Project, Marian Soup Kitchen, Inside Out Youth Services, Urban Peak, and The Place, benefit from your generosity!

Volunteer Opportunities

The Best Way to Find Yourself is to Lose Yourself in the Service of Others!

There are ample opportunities for you to share your gifts. You can contribute by greeting people, ushering, working with food service, creating prayer shawls, and so much more; in doing so, you touch many lives in our community.


Your Donations are Love in Action

Discover how to give back, through donations, pledges, and service.

Your donations move us closer to a better, more spiritually aware world. Donate now or join our yearly pledge to commit to a recurring donation to support your spiritual community. As always, thank you!