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Rev. Norm Bouchard, Senior Minister


Reverend Norman L. Bouchard, 64, of Monument, Colorado died in his home under the care of Pikes Peak Hospice on December 8, 2022. Born September 14, 1958, in Burlington, VT, he was the son of the late Jerome and Theresa Bouchard. Norm committed to his husband, Scott Geer, in a ceremony at Mile Hi Church on October 4, 2003. When same sex marriage became legal, Norm and Scott married at their home in Monument in 2017. Norm is survived by his husband, Scott as well as his siblings, Louise Bouchard (So. Burlington, VT), Doris (Tom) Cozzy Jr. (Franklin, KY), Annette Bouchard (VT), Kenny (Robin) Bouchard (So. Burlington, VT), and Pauline (Todd) Rezoni (Wiiliamsville, NY).

Norm graduated from Burlington Vermont High School in 1977. He was very active in Chorus (under the direction of Rufus Patrick) and was invited to perform at the New England music festival competitions in 1975 and 1976, receiving high honors in voice. Norm’s high school guidance counselors, Ron and Radetta Nemcosky, helped guide him towards his career path. Norm went on to earn his BAs in Philosophy and Theology at Wadham’s Hall, in Ogdensburg, New York (1981). Norm continued his higher education by entering senior seminary at Christ the King, in Aurora, New York where he earned his Master of Divinity (1985). As a young seminarian Norm volunteered at the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics and witnessed “The Miracle on Ice” when the USA beat Russia for the gold in hockey. He also served the underprivileged in Buffalo, NY where he learned sign language and miming, which he continued to use throughout his lifetime. Norm served as an assistant seminarian in various VT Catholic Parishes, then worked for a year as a pastoral associate for St Francis of Assisi parish in Windsor, VT under Father Francis Rouelle. He transferred to the Dioceses of Pueblo in Colorado under the tutorage of Father Gallagher, where he would be ordained a Catholic Priest on September 8, 1987, at the Sacred Heart Church in Avondale, CO. Norm continued serving under the Dioceses of Pueblo at St Joseph’s Church in Pueblo, CO and at St Mary’s Church in Montrose, CO through 1996. In addition to his priestly duties, Norm joined Weight Watchers where he lost over 106 pounds and became one of the most successful leaders in the state of Colorado. In 1993 he was invited to New York City to join Jean Nidetch (founder of Weight Watchers) at a Gala Celebration, honoring the highest weight loss participants. He ended up winning and was featured in two different Family Circle magazines and a Weight Watchers Magazine article with the Hash Tag “father what a waste” to “Father what a waist”.

After leaving the Priesthood in 1996 Norm moved to Denver, Colorado. He secured a job at the fledgling company, Certified Senior Advisors (CSA). He became the Vice President of CSA and helped the company grow to over 40,000 members. Norm traveled across the country teaching financial service professionals about the health, social, and financial issues faced by seniors so professionals could better serve their clients. He loved what he did and ended up speaking for Fortune 500 companies around the globe.

Norm’s faith remained constant, even after leaving the Catholic Church. His good friend, Kathleen Lenover, who was a former Catholic nun, introduced Norm to Mile Hi Church in Lakewood Colorado. He flourished abundantly, attending classes regularly, and received his Practitioners License in 2009. Encouraged by his teachers, Norm soon became an affiliated Center for Spiritual Living (CSL) minister and was ordained as a CSL minister in 2012. He worked at Mile Hi Church in the marketing Department until his passion to preach led him to the Centers for Spiritual Living in Colorado Springs (CSLCS), where he took the senior minister position in March of 2013. Norm’s need to give back was always important as seen in his countless hours of volunteerism including the Ms. Senior Colorado Pageant, Marion House Soup Kitchen, and the Christmas Tree Project, to name a few. He also served on countless committees/boards including the Colorado Springs Citizens Project, and more recently his election to the CSL leadership council in Feb. 2021. Above all was Norm’s love and devotion to his church (CSLCS), the people, and community he served for the past nine+ years.

Norm’s passion in life was to teach and inspire. Norm taught numerous classes at CSLCS but one area closest to his heart was teaching others with Cancer to never give up. As Norm traveled on his own cancer journey, he dressed up in fun costumes during his treatment sessions to inspire healing, wholeness, and love, at Rocky Mountain Cancer Center in Colorado Springs. He loved life and inspired others to live life to their fullest! His humor, kindness, huge heart and bright light will be greatly missed and long remembered by countless people who met and knew him. A quote from one of Norm’s favorite authors, Dr Suess, says so much… “Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened.”

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We Love You Reverend Norm

“I [The Divine] have come to arouse you from your long dream of separation; from your night of despair. The Dawn has Come. Rise up and own it.”
– Ernest Holmes

There are not enough words for me to describe who Rev. Norm was to me. He taught me so much, allowed me to be me - I loved this Man, Minister, Mentor, Friend and Teacher with every fiber of my being. My heart is heavy from the loss, and light in love. Holding and keeping Scott in my prayers as he goes through this journey of grief and loss. CSLCS will remain strong because of the community he built and because we all want to "do him proud"

I will sure miss my friend. He taught me so much, and I loved him like a brother. Now he's up with his social group, no doubt running the show.

To Scott and the Bouchard Family. You are surrounded by so much love and light. Thank you for sharing Norm with the world. To me, he will always be a Champion, Angel and Warrior for humanity.

You will be so missed by everyone who ever met you. You were only LOVE.

My thoughts and prayers are with you during this time. What a beautiful soul who will be missed in the flesh. I celebrate his life and the time you had with him. Love and blessings

My thoughts and prayers are with you and all the family. Rev. Norm was such a Light in my life and I will miss him so much. His inspirational talks have been a huge influence and blessing in my life.
In Love and Light

Rev. Norm and RScP Ruth Meinking were my teachers and mentors for my Prac Trac at CSLCS. An interesting mix of skill, talent, training and personal experience. I could not have had a better tag team. Rev. Norm continued his tutilide for years to come and convinced me to make the journey to The Casa in Brazil. By dropping his suit of clothes, he has begun another grand adventure of love and understanding with filled with abundant ease and grace.
In Love and Light.

Dear Scott & other members of Rev Norm’s family,
Please know that we are holding you in our thoughts, prayers, & in our hearts at this very sad time of loss. We will all miss Norm’s dedication & efforts to make CSL an outstanding church. Things I appreciate the most about Norm are:
1) When he would sing with his beautiful voice while he would use sign language simultaneously!
2) His involvement in the Community of Colo Spgs & how he involved the church in charitable assistance & outreach within the community—for example helping at the Marion House Soup Kitchen, & Teddy Bear Sundays to collect stuffed animals for use in the church as well as for providing comfort toys for children & adults in the community.
3) Norm invited feedback from all church members & involved all who were interested in sharing their vision & “Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals” (BHAGs) for making the church better.
4) Norm welcomed ALL PEOPLE, regardless of faith, race, sexual orientation, beliefs, culture, etc, into the CSL family.
5) Norm would make soup for everyone at our once a year evening potluck.
6) He “walked his talk” & brought his own energy & commitment to the church projects.
7) Norm was a really good teacher & my husband & I attend many classes during Norm’s time at CSL!
8) I especially liked how Norm would invite his friends from around the community, state, & the nation to share their stories with the congregation—he invited the dance troupe at least twice a year to perform at Easter & Christmas services. Once we had a potter throwing clay on a potters wheel while they both talked to the congregation for the sermon.
9) Norm brought lots of change & new experiences to the church.

I met my husband at CSL on March 8th, 1987! We have seen a number of ministers come & go from CSL over the last 35 yrs! Norm poured his Heart & Soul into CSL. He brought new ideas & LOTS of humor & LIGHT to us! In the End, he has role modeled how to cope with health challenges, chemo, & now, we are learning from his ability to embrace the end of life experience with grace & confidence. Where Norm is journeying to right now is where we will all follow, in our own times & ways. We will all see each other again on the Other Side. We are grateful, we are appreciative, & our lives have been changed by the positive energy & vision he brought to our church. Rest in Peace, Reverend Norm. We know that soon you will be busy over “There” helping folks design new BHAG’s in Heaven!!!

So Sorry to hear Rev Norm has passed on - He had enjoyed an Amazing Ride!
We were lucky to have a Stand UP Guy & COMEDIAN as our MINISTER for so long!
He often brought us to Tears of Joy & Laughter & Awakening & Realizing our own Divinity & Stumbles & Uplifts - Travel Safely My Friend to the Other Side & see you sometime in the Far Star fields of Spiritual Synergy - BEST BLESSINGS OF JOY ALWAYS! THANK YOU FOR YOUR FEARLESS EXAMPLES OF COURAGE & HOPE!

So deeply saddened to hear this news. Rev. Norm brought new life and energy
to CSL. His humor is one of the things I loved most about him ... his humor, his blunt honesty and his down to earth way of looking at things. There is nobody like Norm!!! I will miss him! Much love to Scott.

Reverend Norm was truly the epitome of Love! The times that we spent with him and listened to his sermons will always bring wonderful memories of love and laughter to us both. His presence was always uplifting and deeply touching to our inner spirits! We loved him dearly in this physical world and know the love will continue in the spirit in which he so firmly believed!

And change the world, he did. My heart is breaking, but I know that he touched so many, many lives, his work was done. And I learned so much from him, I hope I can spread just a tiny portion of the love he shared.
My heart goes out to Scott, as he is the best! Talk about unconditional love, and always wanting the highest & best for Norm. You two were perfect together, and the love showed!
I will miss Rev. Norm, always.

I am blessed to be one of the people who brought Rev. Norm to CSL/CS and I have learned so much from him. I love him dearly and will miss him.

I am traveling to visit My Girl. in her circles I am a “normy,” not an addict. Tonight I am a Normy, One of Rev Norm’s Fan Club!

It is very difficult to put into words how much Rev. Norm changed my life. It is because of him that I found my way back the Universe after decades of Catholicism. In fact it, I could never call CSL 'church' but instead called it "Norm's House" and it was indeed his house... a home filled family who loved him so much. Rev. Norm was and will always be one of the most wonderful human beings I have ever known. I only wish I could have known him longer. Sending so much love to everyone, and Scott in particular. It was so clearly evident the love shared between the two of you and hope for you grace and ease during this difficult time.

All of us at Creative Life Houston surround you now with so much love to help carry you through this time of surrender. Norm was and will always remain a light to so many.

All of us here send CSLCS, Norm's family, and his many friends love and prayers. We are so sorry for your loss.

What a blessing it was to have known Reverend Norm. He touched my heart, and the hearts of many people I know. I love him very much, and I want to send my deepest condolences to his loved ones.

My thoughts and prayers are with you! You have touched my life and my marriage deeply!!! Thank you so very much for all you have done for me, my family and this community! I hope to meet you again!!!

My deepest sympathies to the family of Rev. Norm. I feel deeply privileged to have been part of CSLCS for the past year, to have had the chance to work with Rev. Norm, and to have taken some of his classes. He was a wonderful man and he will be greatly missed.

I am Connie Martin's sister Dawn. I live in California and whenever I visit Connie I always go the Center to listen to Rev. Norm. You could feel his love and sincerity exuding from his lovely soul. I'm very sorry for this incredibly sad loss. Connie so loves the Center and especially Rev. Norm.

Dear Scott,
May you find peace in the love you had for your soul mate Norm.
He will be greatly missed, but he is with his fellow angels doing his work with them and will still be looking after us,
I loved him very much , stay strong Scott, love you.

I just wanted to say how very sorry I am for this loss and everyone affected by it. Scott, my heart aches for you, but I know that God will see you through this. Norm changed my life just by showing me a different way to think. He was the guy that could change the world just by influencing one person at a time or a hundred listening to him. Norm always referred to Jesus as the Master Teacher. Well, I could say the same for my Spiritual Leader who just passed away. Hugs for all.

I am heartbroken at the loss of Rev Norm. I have learned so much from him, not only about Science of Mind but also how to live a life of meaning and compassion. I know he will be with us in spirit and we will carry on the beautiful legacy he leaves us. I am wishing great peace for you, all of you that he loved. I will miss him every single day.

You have my deepest condolences and sorrow . I share your grief and sadness over Norm's passing. He was a truly special, unique and remarkable individual who made the world and community and the people in it better every day. I am grateful to have known and shared special times with him. My thoughts and prayers are with Scott and all of Norm's family and friends.

Bouchard Family, We are deeply saddened by loosing Norm and cannot begin to realize the loss for you. We only knew Norm for a brief 9 months. In that short time he touched our hearts, and inspired us to live more fully. Our thoughts and prayers are with you in this most difficult time. Love, Peter & Brenda Dupre

I had the honor of knowing and working with Rev. Norm for the final 14 months of his life; he had an incredible gift of being able to turn your heart on it's head in just a few conversations. He pushed me, encouraged me, supported me, and stood up for me endlessly. He brought me on the team to make a real difference for CSLCS, and instead, CSLCS made a real difference in me. I've had pastors and preachers, but never have I had a true Teacher like Norm. His love is wrapped--completely entangled-- in this community. I will continue to strive for his goals here at the Center and spread his love to those who were unfortunate to miss out on knowing him. Much love to you all.

I visited CSL Colorado Springs several times. Loved the people and listening to Rev Norm in person and on podcasts. What a speaker and sense of humor,

Know that I'm sending you lots of love, light and peace.

My dear Scottie, You must be in shock, plus grief, and how I wish I could put my arms around you and give you a big, long hug. Know that I'm sending you lots of love, light and peace.

I live in Wetaskiwin, Alberta in Canada. The closest CSL is about an hour away and the roads are not always the best so I've been listening to Rev. Norm off and on for about eight years but for the last few months I haven't, for some reason. Something was telling me for the last week or so that I needed to listen to him. What a shock this has been. Even though I ,of course, knew he's been fighting cancer for so long but I was sure that he would be here for many more years because we/I need him so much right now in this evil world. Selfish, right?
I'm praying for Scott and for Norm's family and want them to know how blessed I feel for having him in my life even for such a short time.

Our love goes out to Scott and all of Norm's family. Norm was an amazing man and one of the most inspiring, loving, and genuine people I was so grateful to know. He will be greatly missed. He made the world a a more beautiful place just by being who he was in mind and spirit while here. Well done Norm. Well done.

Reverend Norm showed us that one person can truly make a difference. His love and kindness was everywhere and I’m so grateful for his guidance. He made me a better person. Sending love to you Scott and your friends and families.

Dear Scott and Bouchard Family. Bless you for sharing Norm with us for a short while. We miss him dearly as we know you do even more.

I didn't know Rev. Norm long. I wish I had "found" him sooner. He made me laugh. He made me cry. He inspired me to change. He challenged me to grow. A beloved spiritual guide. I hope I am blessed enough to encounter him again.
I wish you lovely memories and peace.

My deepest love goes out to Scott and the Bouchard family. I know Enzo will miss him also. Rev Norm has left a huge chasm at CSL which will be difficult to fill. I was fortunate to be Rev Norm and Scott's house and dogsitter for ten years. I'm sure they both know how much I had grown to love them and their furry kids. Knowing Rev Norm, I'm sure he's already supervising things on the plane he has ascended to. Our loss is their gain.

Sending love and light to the Rev. Norm and his family. I had a chance to see Rev. Norm speak at our Center when he visited the Philadelphia area back in 2019. He definitely embodied the love, enthusiasm, sense of humor, and compassion we need more of in the world today. I had been watching his Sunday messages almost weekly in 2022 and it was the 9/18/22 message “Creating Space for Something New” that deeply connected with me internally and was the message I needed to hear to move toward a major transformation in my life this year. Thank you Rev. Norm, thank you to his family, and thank you Spirit for sharing many messages with us through Rev. Norm. Peace and Love

My deepest sympathy for your loss. Norm was one of a kind that blessed everyone who had the fortunate to have him cross their path.

I so enjoyed your messages. You will be missed. Bless you.

Rev. Norman L. Bouchard had more of an influence on me than anyone else I've met in a long time. He inspired me to be me. He reminded me to always be grateful, every minute of every day, and to appreciate the little blessings in life. He challenged me to discover my spirituality. He validated my beliefs by mirroring my dogmas, and preached them with captivating stories and a sense of humor that couldn't be ignored. He encouraged me to love myself by embracing my authenticity and loving what makes me unique. He was the inspiration behind my non-profit mission, and helped catapult its success. He baptized my 2nd son, Hudson.
He was one of the only people I've ever known that saw the world the way I do- A place full of mystery, love, and opportunity, where you get nothing more and nothing less than what you give to it. A place where positivity infectiously generates more positivity, so go out & kill it with kindness (I still blow kisses at people who give me "the finger" while driving). A place where beauty flourishes once you learn how to find the beauty in everything. He saw the world with eyes of hope and faith- in ourselves and others.
Reverend Norm Bouchard, you still live through me, and everyone else whose hearts you've touched and lives you've changed. He is a man who will never die, because his legacy will carry through everyone that knew him.
Keep calm and love on.

I never met Norm in person, but I experienced his light through the support, joy, love and friendship that he showed for my sister-in-law Michelle. It is a rare soul who can have impact others in this way. May perpetual light shine upon him and may his kind soul rest in the sleep of peace. Amen.

Have you ever met someone who completely transforms your life...your perspective....the outlook on everything? And I mean....completely...

This person changed my life from the first moment I heard him speak to his last words that I heard from him. He showed me that life is what you make of it and YOUR OUTLOOK MATTERS. How you view the world, good or bad, makes your own reality and your attitude.

I used to think of all the worst case scenarios. I used to think I could never afford certain things or didn't deserve them. I lived in a sense of lack and not from a place full of love and prosperity.

Rev. Norman L. Bouchard was my guide...my light...pushing me to love myself and believe in all I could be on this earth. He made me come from a place of love and learning instead of lack or fear. He helped me take leaps in life that I was too scared to do before and my life has been ever changed. I will miss your sermons, your wisdom in 3s, the unconditional love you have, and your humor. Every service you EVER did, I always felt you were talking to just me! I always needed to hear your message and i almost always cried.

You have left such a pivotal spot in my heart and our community and I want to continue to honor you and live through you. You will be greatly missed and your gone to soon. Enjoy the light and continue to shine like I know you will.

Sending warmth and light to Scott and Reverend Norm's family. I am so grateful that I was able to experience this remarkable man in my life. As a longtime follower of CSL I first attended a service while visiting Colorado Springs. I was so inspired by Rev. Norm that I have followed him online from Las Vegas over the past few years. He was a great teacher and theologian, and dare I say humorist, who helped me to deepen my understanding and faith. He will live eternally in my thoughts and heart.

Reverend Norm had a profound influence on my life. The moment I first heard him speak at CSL, I knew I wanted him to be our minister. He has led me, gently and with considerable humor, through many challenges of my own, in ways that made it hard to realize he had challenges of his own. Hel helped me let go of the need to be right about so many things surrounding my struggles concerning my daughter's short life. He helped me realize that prosperity is often simply a matter of letting go of my own worries, and to embrace life however it came to me.
Thank you, Reverend Norm!

Although I haven't seen Rev. Norm in over 40 years, I remember him with great fondness from our days together at Wadhams Hall Seminary. Rev. Norm was a very likable person. I am so sorry to hear about his long battle with cancer. He has left us far too soon. May his soul have eternal joy.

As you know Norm was a man of vision, creativity, boundless energy, fun and joy. he was my confidant . I know he travels well. All my love.

Know that Rev. Norm made a difference in my life. He talked with me and laughed with me and gave me his time and attention when I felt adrift. My life is richer for having known him and I can share that with others. Much love to you all.

May your grief be potent with the power of love. Norm was a vibrant presence and his legacy will be felt by many. Blessings to you all.

I am so sorry for your loss. For the first time in my life I actually looked forward to attending services weekly, even though it was virtual. Rev. Norm was so amazing, full of life and his discussions made so much sense and opened up a door to the light. He made a big difference in my life and honestly have no clue what I will do without his funny stories or his way to make something so difficult to understand so easy and relatable.
He was very special in so many ways and he will be missed immensely.

My thought and prayers are with you

I have been listening to Rev. Bouchard's messages the last couple of years.
I gained much insight and peace from his wisdom.
I will miss him.

Norm was a blessing in my life, especially when I needed it the most. I took the class Radical Forgiveness during Covid-19 and it changed my life in how I was handling the breakup of a long time relationship.

Norm was also my neighbor in Woodmoor and I will miss seeing him as I ride my bike around.

Love to you all.

We were blessed by Rev Norms energy of love from 2015 to 2017. We still think of him often. His presence was so wonderful. We can’t say enough about him.
He is a treasure to this world and beyond. Love to everyone he loved. He was a gift to the Universe!

I will miss your love for life. Even though I never really met you have touched my life in so many ways more then you can image thank you

I am deeply sorry and share the pain with you. I just learned recently that Norm has left this time and place. The first thought in my mind when I learned that I had cancer was “if Norm can do it, so can I”. Norm was a true inspiration for me throughout my experience as a CSL Religious Science Practitioner and definitely helped me whip the butt of cancer. For a 20-year Catholic Priest then a CSL Minister, he has spread his love to all in a loving and common-sense way. Thank you, Reverend Norm, and enjoy your next experience.

Rev Norm was an inspiration to me! He was such a shining conduit of Love and I know he will be missed by many.

My heart goes out to Norm and all his family and friends. Rev Norm continues to be an enormous inspiration as our hearts are more open because of his loving presence. Sending you all love and comfort.

So, so sorry to hear about Rev. Norm . . . holding all of you in love and compassion . . . I am honored to be a part of this community . . . blessings and love to you, Scott

Such a privilege to have had you in our lives. Your love, pearls of wisdom, joy, on and on will always be cherished and honored. Thanks for being you.

My heart extends to yours as you make your way thru this difficult time.

Rev Norm was a gift to the Universe. He was beloved. He got me thru some difficult times in my life and as a teacher I was always inspired by him. When I lived in COS, there was no place I'd rather be on Sunday morning than in the congregation at 930. I continued to tune in at 1130 ftom the East Coast!

I am still numb and in disbelief with the news. Sending healing love to you all...and remembering his words...to stay quiet and allow him to communicate with you.

I loved all his services! Had a pleasure of meeting him in 2017! Great sense of humor and big heart! He will be missed!!! Sending love and prayers to him and all of you at CSL Colorado Springs!
Thank you Rev. Norm! You have no idea how many people your have reached/touched! May the next chapter be full of light and love!

I live in KC area and found Rev. Norm's podcast online when I was going through a very difficult time in my life. I am so grateful I was able to listen to his words and have been blessed by his teachings. He is so very loved. God bless to his family.

I loved him from the first moment I met him! When we briefly visited (here from KS!) knew he was PERFECT in EVERY WAY 🙂
He still is. LOVE TO YOU. Many many blessings.

Love & Peace

It is with great sadness that we learn of Norm's passing from this world. We knew him when he was a deacon for Fr. Rouelle at St. Francis of Assisi parish in Windsor, VT. a long time ago. I was Norm's go-to-person to create visuals to illustrate the readings and sermons at the time including two large toned silver fish that still hang on our wall that I created for his loaves and fishes liturgy. He brought a wonderful creativity and life to everything he was involved with. It is a great loss to the world and all who experienced him here. He lives on in all of those he loved and helped.

I can't express how much Rev Norm meant to me over the years. I was brought back to CSLCS when we were given the gift of Norm as our pastor.
He was light, love, and happiness rolled into one person. How lucky we all were, how I was to have been able to spend the last 9 years listening to him, taking classes and experiencing spirituality with him.
I will miss him terribly. There is a hole in my being, but also a warmth in my heart that I never would have had if I hadn't met Rev Norm,
May all of you in his family, especially Scott, have peace knowing that he was so deeply loved and meant so much to so many.
Be at peace.

I am so grateful for knowing Rev. Norm. The classes I was able to take, the love and lessons he shared through his services have enriched my life. I am continuing to grow into my authentic self, and will carry him in my heart forever. Thank you, Rev. Norm.

Thank you for all you have taught us. I know this must be a wonderful new job to help others

He was a tremendous Light !

Dear family of Rev Norm, I used to live in Colorado Springs, and when I found CSL, I loved it. When Rev. Norm became minister, it was even better. I still listen to sermons, even though I live in Florida now, but I will truly miss hearing Rev. Norm. give them. My heart goes out to you. Hugs.

May you rest in peace. You were a amazing man.

Much love as you travel this path of grief. Knowing God’s light and love directs you as you move forward into new ways of being and doing. Norm will always be with you. Can’t you hear and feel him?

We wish to express our condolences to Scott and to Rev. Norm's family. This is a very confusing and surreal time for us, and I can't imagine how difficult it must be for you. With love, compassion and courage, we will get through this. Love and Blessings.

I will miss Reverend Norm. I enjoyed his teachings. I will always be grateful that he helped guide my path.

We miss Norm and all of his wonderful stories. We called him our friend and feel very honored to have know him.
We so enjoyed the last class that he taught at church, Metaphysical Bible, we learned so much and loved the way he shared the bible with all of us. We feel that his amazing energy will stay with our church family.

I love you dear Norm and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and support of my ministerial growth and publishing of my book. I couldn’t have lived without your loving support. Love you dear Scott. Prayers are with you.

I will miss Rev. Norm greatly. Not long before we got the news, my fiancé and I were talking about asking Norm if he would graciously officiate our wedding. He created a safe, welcoming and Loving space, something I will forever be grateful for having known. I feel fortunate to have had several one on one sessions with him during times that I needed guidance. I always knew I could come to him. After services, I always looked forward to his hugs. I know his energy will always be here for each of us to tune into, he is never gone. All my Love.

I'm sad to hear of your loss, and want to let you know that the impact he had on the world continues to spread. I've never been to CSLCS, I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I found the page about two years ago when looking for daily quotes of love/grace/growth. I receive the emails everyday automatically to my work email and start my day each morning with the quotes. I've been on a spiritual journey since December, and I've been contemplating joining a spiritual community, not sure where yet. Today I realized it said "In memory of our beloved Senior Minister" and felt compelled to know what happened - to realize that the quotes were the wisdom he shared, that a lot were from him personally, are just magical. It really shows how impactful he must have been to be in the presence of. I have shared them to others on snapchat who have also enjoyed reading them at the start of their day. I haven't experienced death on a personal level by the love of God, so I'm not sure exactly what to say, except that I believe and know the love he shared and his soul are infinite.

I am so sorry for your loss. We experienced Norm first in Lakewood and visited in the Springs. We truly enjoyed Norm's services!!!

On Behalf of The Center of Peace in Philadelphia, PA I send our deepest condolences to All who Loved Rev Norm. Rev. Norm so graciously shared himself with us and we are all the more better because of him. I am eternally grateful to have been in his presence and experience his Love. May God's Grace be sufficient to you all as you journey forward with Norm in your hearts.

I live in Denver but pastor Norm after one sermon convinced me that when I was in town that I would not only attend the service but submit my tithe to this place of worship. One day on my way out from attending the downstairs service Rev Norm was there to shake my hand. I thought how did he get down here so fast? Anyways, I enjoyed his stories and his humility. Rest in power Rev norm.

Scott, my thoughts were with you when I heard of Norm”s passing. I’ve moved out of the front range, otherwise I would attend Norm’s memorial. Love to you and Norm.
Your Berkshire neighbor

I would like to express my deepest sympathies to Scott and Rev Norm’s extended family after his passing. I attended his class, the 4 Agreements, last year, and have listened to several of his sermons online. I found Rev Norm to be both deep and light, sometimes at the same time. I loved his silly humor and his messages were always thought provoking and from the heart. I loved his openness as he shared his own struggles with cancer, and trying to make sense of his gift of life. He was such a dear person and will be greatly missed. I wish I’d known him better as you all do. Rich blessings and condolences to you all.

Rev. Norm not only lived the love he spoke of, He set an example of "how to love" to everyone he met. I am blessed that our lives touched. His time with us was WAY too short. We will all miss him more than we currently realize.

Rev. Norm,
The gifts you brought to all of us are long-lasting and will travel in and through all of us for the rest of our lives. I remember first meeting you and I liked you immediately. Your easy laugh, your sense of humor, your unique way of looking at EVERYTHING and the path you walked that brought you to Mile Hi Church. You expanded and improved almost everything Mile Hi Church did in your time there, and when it was time to move on...you found the exact community that needed your unique gifts the most! The many times Kim and I enjoyed your and Scott's company remain the best memories filled with laughter and hilariously entertaining stories about your previous life as a priest. Amazing life you lived, my friend.
I have a recording of me singing at your center in Colorado Springs and it includes me talking a little before the song you asked me to sing, and I said, "I'd sing anything for you Rev. Norm. (then to the congregation) I miss Norm everyday! You guys are so luck to have him!" And of course they broke out into the most sincerely appreciative applause for you, Norm.
Kim and I are coming to celebrate your life tomorrow, but I wanted to include my love here as well.
Fly with the beautiful and fabulous wings that are now fixed to your soul. You are remembered and you are missed.
Love you so much

I feel like we all know Rev. Norm's family as he spoke of you so often and with so much love ... and, of course, humor! The very thought of trying to replace him is mind-boggling as he is irreplaceable. I will miss him terribly and will have lots of company in that. Norm was such an incredible teacher ... he taught Life and how best to live it. What more important subject could there be than that? I have no doubt that he is on his way to his next great adventure, but selfishly, I wish he were still here with this adventure. So many thanks to all members of Norm's family for helping to form this incredible human being. He will be missed. With much love to you all!

Thank you for the beautiful gift of Rev. Norms memorial service. It really was incredible. even though we couldn't be there in person we were there in spirit. Both Kevin and I will be forever grateful that we were a part of the vibrant community that is CSLCS. Rev Norm changed both our lives in innumerable ways. He showed us only kindness and love as Kevin went through his cancer journey. Our love goes out to Scott and the congregation as you all move through this tender time.

Thank you for the beautiful gift of Rev. Norms memorial service. It really was incredible. even though we couldn't be there in person we were there in spirit. Both Kevin and I will be forever grateful that we were a part of the vibrant community that is CSLCS. Rev Norm changed both our lives in innumerable ways. He showed us only kindness and love as Kevin went through his cancer journey. Our love goes out to Scott and the congregation as you all move through this tender time.

Dear dear Scott. I am so sorry for your loss. Rev Norm inspired me over 5 years ago and his message of love always clung to me. I love you and I pray his love for you gives you comfort.
Always blessings