Meet our new Interim Minister

Join us in the Celebration Hall on Sunday, March 12th to welcome Rev. Penny Macek as our new Interim Minister. She’ll be holding a Town Hall and Meet & Greet to get acquainted and discuss our next steps as a spiritual community!

About Rev. Dr. Penny Macek

Reverend Dr. Penny Macek has been involved with Religious Science since 1992, and her career as a minister began in 1999.  She has served as an assistant minister, senior minister and interim minister in communities like San Juan Capistrano CA, Lake Tahoe CA, and Phoenix AZ, and currently serves the Christ Church of Co-Creation in Caroga Lake, NY.

In addition, she has served the international organization in several capacities including: as a lay member of the board of Directors, chair of the Golden Works committee, chair of the Co-Creation Facilitation team, and as a Regional Support Coordinator. She is described by many as a principle-centered being and a very powerful practitioner.

She is known for creating, holding, and facilitating the space in which deep healing takes place. In clear, loving, compassionate and practical ways, she illustrates the principles of this Science of Mind. In January of 2017, Centers of Spiritual Living awarded her an Honorary Doctorate.

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