What is a Labyrinth?

A Labyrinth is a singular path, usually circular in shape, that leads to a center and then back out to the outer edge.  Labyrinths represent a journey or path to our own center and back out again into the world. They help in leading us to deeper relationships, a stronger sense of community, a sense of inner reflection, and connection to sources of guidance, spirituality, mindfulness, and inner peace. Labyrinths are designed for carrying us along a path through the act of a walking meditation.

Reverend Norm’s Dream

Reverend Norm dreamt of a Labyrinth here at CSLCS–a place to quiet our mind, recover balance in our lives, and connect more meaningfully with Spirit. Our goal in 2023 is to raise $30,000 to design and build a labyrinth that carries the weight of the Divine.

Together, we can make Reverend Norm’s dream come true and create a peaceful space for us all!

Donate today or fill out your Sacred Service Application to find out how you can volunteer to help make Reverend Norm’s dream a reality. We hope to complete this goal by September 14, 2023, Reverend Norm’s birthday!

Author Center for Spiritual Living, Colorado Springs

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